Monday, August 14, 2006

Finknottle has returned

Rip Van Finkle apparently awoke right before siesta and sent the following ‘missive’. We reached an agreement whereabouts he agreed to pull his own weight instead of pawning of his writing duty – that is to say his only duty to his assistant, who will be relieved, at least part of the time, so that he can manage the fulfillment of the other part of the agreement: The party of the second part shall utilize all resources and aid available in order to cleanse daily the body of the party of the second part. Finknottle agreed to the terms in exchange for a simple request: that his word juicer remain unmolested in the Liverputty offices. For some fool reason, Finknottle and his personal groomer believe that I have something other than contempt for that hazardous mouse-trap which endangers the entire staff. What those two assume is a desire to steal the juicer is actually a desire to have in removed by men in hazmat suits (so that we can take our suits off!). So it was a small concession to get a few more posts from him before he breaks this treaty. Who knows where this story is heading – and who cares if it is true?


Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull said...

Hoorah! Finknottle has returned again! Hissboollah! for the grumpy editor, I hear he can't partake of beer for awhile under orders from his much abused belt collection.

Jeffrey said...

The Malt Liquor Bull has it all belt does not make a collection. It is because I don't wish to purchase a second belt that I have forgone the sweet nectar of the bull's malt liquor or other foamy beverages.

To clarify: the grumpy editor is happy when Finkfizzle posts - even if it is the kind of hokum he recently presented.