Thursday, February 02, 2006

Better Late Than Never

He's not really a movie critic, well I guess everyone's a critic, but Lee Harris is one of my favorite writers. Here is his interesting take on Brokeback Mountain.


Steve Middleton said...

Couldn't access the link - a pity!

Edward Copeland said...

That is an interesting take. I still think the film has been overrated a bit, but that's definitely true.

wagstaff said...

Sorry about that link. Not sure what the matter is. His columns are archived at If you don't feel like searching, his gravamen, as I remember it, or at least what I took away ( and I haven't seen the movie) was that a social tragedy befell them because of their rightful and heroic insistance that what they shared was something unique and specific to themselves.
There was something in it I agreed with as I have too many friends that don't fit easily, or even at all, into any readymade sexual categories.