Friday, February 17, 2006


Hawkeye and Trapper tricked Henry Blake into causing his own death!

Col. Henry Blake was shot down over the Sea of Japan in 1975. Two and a half years before that, he landed a cush job in Tokyo getting baths and massages from kimono clad nymphs. It looked like he would spend the remaining eleven years of the Korean War safe outside of a combat zone. But Hawkeye and Trapper had other things in mind for Henry. With Henry gone, Frank Burns took command of the camp and made it "regular army" - playing revelry in the mornings and having MPs remove the still from the Swamp. Unable to think about anybody but themselves, and without a thought to Henry's new found luxury, Hawk and Trap plotted alongside Henry’s trusted surrogate son, Radar, and his mistress, Leslie, to bamboozle the colonel into leaving his post in Tokyo and returning as commander to the 4077. Had Henry not returned as commander to the camp, he would have avoided that fateful flight over the Sea of Japan. Henry was survived by his two wives, Mildred and Lorraine, as well as one or two sons and a sometimes daughter.

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