Thursday, March 16, 2006

Feed the duck!

Frist said that, one way or another, there would be a vote on Feingold’s censure motion. I hope that comes to pass, with Hewitt's recommendations intact. Will Dems be calling for a secret ballot? Will Clinton claim the GOP is stifling her freedom not to speak? Perhaps it’s too much to wish for, but I want to see fist-pounding Gore-like rage spewing from some senators, while others hide beneath their desks, shivering, hoping the vote would just go away. I want to see senators crying and babbling incoherently on the floor – pouting that the big meany Republicans aren’t being fair. If Frist can pull that off, then I’d vote for him in a straw poll. If the motion does come up for a vote, expect lots of “prior engagements” that day.

1 comment:

Wagstaff said...

Like you said, smoke'em out and let'em come stumbling out. And when you aim, aim dead center so if you miss a little you still hit something.

It will still take a lot more, though, for me to warm to Frist.