Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Corrupting Our Bodily Fluids

Hey, maybe this is why I was never big on Gatorade. There is no regaining your innocence after this one. Probably NSFW. Via Garfield Ridge.


Jeffrey Hill said...

Great. I won't look at a gatorade bottle the same again. In fact, the next time I buy a gatorade, I'll just stick it in my pants.

Duffy said...

I love the new Gatorade "RAIN" ads featuring a healthy, scantily clad, female athlete who after "hatching" from a volleyball that was seemingly,( or is it semen-ly?),"fertilized", is showered with a golden substance from above. And the knowing smirk on her face? priceless. WTF ???!!! Wow, I can't wait to see the new plastic grip/carrying accessory that encircles the shaft, er umm I mean "bottle" for increased "stamina & performance." Gator-Ring, Cock-Ring, whatever. Oh, yeah, Gatorade, you've got the pulse on what America wants and it's throbbing for it. Silly little whore. Keep those ads a-cummin'.