Friday, April 14, 2006


Here’s a list and pictures of famous cowboys and their horses. I didn’t realize that Jimmy Stewart rode Pie for seventeen features. In fact, I didn’t even know Stewart liked Pie. Some of the coolest names: William Boyd rode Topper; Hoot Gibson rode Mutt; and Tim Holt rode Shiek. Missing from the list was Kirk Douglas’s horse in Lonely Are the Brave, Whiskey. I guess Whiskey was only with Kirk once and, who knows, maybe that wasn’t his name…but I always loved that name. The list does include Jack Benny’s horse in Buck Benny Rides Again, Partner, and I doubt those two had a multipicture relationship.

I’m partial to paints, so I’d say that the most handsome horse was Scout or Rusty, though Champion had some classic good looks. If I had to be a horse, then it would certainly have been Buttermilk, Dale Evan’s mount – meow! Of course, Trigger is the type of horse you could introduce to mom.

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