Sunday, April 23, 2006

Damn you, 70's grit!

Why'd you have to go and make Will Penny so lonely?

Okay, so the movie was from 1968...but it brought to mind 70s grit. And those were my words when the credits rolled and I threw my wet hanky at the screen. Will Penny's got to be one of the best Charlton Heston performances I've seen. I was sad with him, nervous with him, embarrassed with him...hell, I even wanted to learn to read with him. Everyone should be able to read. The little button could read - and read real good.

Don't know what I'm gum flappin' about? Watch the movie.

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Wagstaff said...

We've never properly formulated that theory THERE AIN'T NO HIDIN' 70'S GRIT for Liverputty. I'll define the exact precepts and drop them in a comment here as soon as I get the results back from the lab.