Thursday, April 13, 2006

The New World to get Smell-o-vision treatment in Japan

The movie was so clear in so many ways that I thought I was already smelling it, since all my senses were alive. Some of the scents seem a little silly, but it could be fun. If the Japanese theater is intent on expanding their smell-o-vision program, my top candidate for a proboscis pleasing re-release would be Tampopo. Actually, that movie just needs to be shown in a ramen shop. The least desired smell-o-vision candidate would be Kanal. I'm just not convinced that we have the technology to get the fecal aerosols right. (via Drudge)


Wagstaff said...

So John Waters was a visionary then. I think Polyester was in smell-o-vision.

your under-paid day maid, Rula said...

Wagstaff- All polyester is in Smell-o-vision, that stuff doesn't 'breathe' any more than a plastic baggie.