Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Who’s meeting Hu?

I’d like to see the complete guest list for Gate’s Hu dinner. Not to use it against those people or their companies, but for curiosity’s sake. Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks – fine. Who else? The more business hands Hu shakes, the better.

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Duffy said...

I hear "Fruit-of-the-Loom" is cutting some deal to feature Hu as a "guest fruit" on some upcoming TV ads. Fuji Apple? Asian Pear? Perhaps a clumsy but lovable little Kumquat who,("Hu"), is learning the "tricks of the trade." I hear Hu has a wicked sense of humor and great timing so if this deal works out it'll be a sure fire hit. Smuckers is rumored to be interested in Hu as well for a high priced, tiny bottled preserves line called "Hu's Schmuckers" available to only a select clientele.