Sunday, May 06, 2007


This is like a riddle: how do you get hot rice from cold water? For thousands of years man has sought the answer to this puzzle. Japundit tells of an ingenius advancement in the preparation of rice.

As I'm about to post this, complete with a visual replication of fresh pure white steamy rice, I realize that just a few posts ago I was calling for people to turn in their rice sniffing loved ones so that the State could help them. And now, you may wonder, why have I posted this picture, which to an addict must look some form of erotica? I would point out that most of us are able to enjoy the look and smell of freshly steamed rice in a responsible manner. Why should we alter our behavior simply to accomodate a few who can't restrain their olfactory senses? And besides, this present story is science at work. And who among us has the audacity to dismiss science?

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Ross Ruediger said...

Some afternoons there's ~nothing~ more satisfying than a steaming bowl of white rice.

(Butter make it even better.)