Sunday, May 06, 2007

Two story roundup

Congratulations to the fellow on the right. Okay, so I had to flip the picture so Sarkozy would not be on the left - in the spirit of "fake but accurate." I hope that isn't a metaphor for my perception of the man. At least he likes the U.S. more than the lovely socialist contestant or Villepin (shown here in a state of bloviating), for that matter, right? Not looking into any souls here, but I have to say I like what I see on a t-shirt like this:
UPDATE: And Royal was right to warn of increased violence if Sarkozy won: car burnings were up over 3 and half times - 367 cars were torched last night, which is well above the average of 100 car torchings on a typical French night. It's unclear how long France can withstand Sarkozy's hate mongering.

Second, the photos of Greensburg, KS are pretty horrific. Just to look at it, it seems amazing that only eight people were killed. Not to compare the actual severity between the two, but I couldn't help but think of the following Hiroshima photo:


EscutcheonBlot said...

Just a comment on Sarkozy...He's being called a rightist hardliner in the European Press, and the American Press, if true to form, will probably echo that.

He's really more of an ideaological match to Giuliani, down to the law-and-order thing. Immigration and Naturalization in France are a different issue than in 1990's NYC.

That being said, don't expect too much from him...parliament will not be elected until next month, and that could well be controlled by the socialists of Mdm Royal...who by the way, was a very weak candidate(like Kerry or Gore) who was mis-charactarized in the foreign press(like Kerry, Gore, and Bush).


Jeffrey said...

Thus far I've mainly heard him described as center-right - though I haven't followed him too closely. Depending on how the parliament shakes out, Scutch, would you say this is the equivalent of Merkel or maybe more of a shift?

Edward Copeland said...

Actually, 10 ended up dying in Kansas. Of course, the state is having trouble helping the survivors since most of their National Guard and their equipment is still stuck over in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Stronger than Merkel if he gets his Parliament