Friday, May 18, 2007

WARNING: Never Try to Reform the World Bank

That's the message loud and clear. Wolfowitz's only crime was trusting the Bank's ethics committee when he tried to recuse himself from negotiating his girl-friend's contract. They rejected him. I believe they acted in bad faith because he tried to reform the bank. He was naive to think they were on the level. They successfully put a "cloud" over him to force him out. Good going, guys! Chalk one up for corruption! The NPR lady doing the report this morning (sorry, can't remember her name) suggested that after months of paralysis at the Bank caused by this scandal, Wolfowitz is gone and now the Bank can concentrate on reform. To that assessment, I'd like to add: horseshit. The Wolfowitz smear is the Bank's response to reform.

Wolfowitz concluded his resignation statement with the line: "Change should not be feared, it is something to welcome." He was talking to deaf ears.

The Journal is about the only paper I know of that has been seriously writing about the story.

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