Thursday, May 17, 2007

Did you know yesterday was Mass Graves Day in Iraq?

I'm guessing no if you relied on TV news and major newspapers. I know I missed this moment of silence. This International Herald Tribune piece was pretty much the only mention - outside of the blogosphere. I found it at GatewayPundit.

I noticed over at the Falwell Postmortem Party at the House, Black 74 could not tell the difference between Falwell and Saddam.

Quote Black 74: "For me, actually, Falwell is right in there with them [Saddam & Zarqawi]."

I'm no fan of Falwell, nor am I a fan of dancing on his still warm grave (I save that pleasure for terrorists), but the first difference that springs to my mind is the body count. An estimated 300,000 dead have been found in the mass graves in Iraq. Call it a lack of moral equivalence, but that makes one of the men worse than the other...and considerably so. Perhaps if NPR would kindly spare a mention of something like Mass Graves Day in their broadcast, the American people would better remember that we are in Iraq for a reason - nay, many reasons. Below is a map - though I'm not sure how old it is, of the suspected mass graves in Iraq.

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