Monday, June 07, 2004

And who can help remembering Reagan without recognizing the similarities he has with our current president?


Dude said...

1) Reagan laid out a strong foreign policy stance before he became president (Reagan, In His Own Hand: The Writings of Ronald Reagan That Reveal His Revolutionary Vision for America), whereas Bush got the primer from Perle and Rice in 1998 (Bush at War, if I remember correctly).
2) Reagan sold arms to a country diametrically opposed to American interests (
3) At this point in Reagan's first term, there had net job creation.
4) Reagan worked with alliances. Yes, Margaret Thatcher was one of the strongest allies, but Reagan was able to work through NATO to get Pershing IIs stationed in Germany.
5) Bush condemned Saddam's gassing of the Kurds, whereas Reagan did not.

Dude said...

6) Oh, yeah, Bush expanded entitlements, whereas Reagan did not.

Dude said...

My point in 1) was that Reagan had clearer, more clearly-defined ideas on how to change the world. I'm grateful that he contributed significantly to the demise of the Soviet Union (Thatcher, Gorbachev, and the Pope get a nod from me as well).

Remember that Bush couldn't name the leader of Pakistan when given a pop-quiz by the Boston Globe? I couldn't either, at the time, but then, I wasn't running to be in charge of one of the nuclear powers.