Monday, June 21, 2004

North Korea hates America. Is that a causality link between Kim Jong Il and al Qaeda? Why not? It wouldn’t just be out of pure hatred that Il would desire to harm us, but a shared hatred might draw Il and al together. Il hates us for his own reasons, what does it matter to him why al hates us?

I happen to believe that going after Saddam scared the hell out of Kim Jong Il & will affect his behavior in our favor. It considerably weakens his nuclear hand. A nuclear attack on the US, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, would almost certainly require the organization and support of a state sponsored nuclear program. I’m not talking about a dirty bomb, but a detonated nuclear device. Saddam would have been a prime suspect because we didn’t know that status of his weapons programs. Il would’ve been another suspect. There are probably less than half a dozen other plausible suspects: Iran, Pakistan come to mind. With the removal of Saddam, the circle tightens. Il is sick in the head, if you ask me, but he’s not suicidal & it’s no good for him to sweat it out in a shorter line-up.

That said, he’s still a threat. And by the comments I’ve heard from both of you, I will assume that if the time comes to move on N. Korea, the administration will have your full support.

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Dude said...

Damn straight. Kim Jong Il not only has the means and the materials to make the nukes, but he's got the capability to produce the delivery systems, thanks to historical ties to the Soviets and the Chinese. Saddam had to buy and modify his missles. N. Korea has been exporting their missile technology to Iraq, Syria and Libya, which has had a de-stabilizing effect, at least as far as America's interests are concerned.
My only caveat is that we need to keep China north of their side of the border. That's what kept Truman from reuniting Korea in the 50s.