Thursday, June 10, 2004

The difference between selling arms to Iran and selling arms to Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the 80s:

Our stated policy was not to deal with Iran. Not only that, but Iran was dealing with Hezbolla to release a few American hostages at the time, so that went against the law about negotiating with terrorists. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have never held American hostages for 444 days, nor are they part of today's Axis of Evil.


Jeffrey Hill said...

I think you changed the argument from countries that are diametrically opposed to US interests to nations where we had stated policies with regarding arms trade. I know you won't go too far to defend the Saudis or their ties to terror. They're not much better than Iran.

Dude said...

I wasn't trying to backpeddle from the diametrically opposed statement regarding selling arms to Iran in the 80s. I just interprested on your earlier post, "2) I’m sure someone is willing to point out that we sell arms to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, two countries that prefer not to have a de-Baathed democratic Iraq in their backyard," as trying to minimize the significance of secret dealings with Iran.