Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Any impressions from day one of the convention?


Here’s mine:  In an effort to curb the anti-Bush rhetoric, most of the speeches replaced “Bush” with “they.”  All in all, still pretty reserved.  The DNC did a good job of pulling tight on Gore’s choke chain.  Most of the venom came from President Carter:

Today, our Democratic party is led by another former naval officer -- one who volunteered for military service. He showed up when assigned to duty, and he served with honor and distinction.
Carter offered up humor too:

To meet these challenges, we need new leaders [Kerry, Edwards] in Washington whose policies are shaped by working American families instead of the super-rich and their armies of lobbyists.
Stop it!  Seriously!

Clinton proved that he is still the ablest orator around:

Strength and wisdom are not opposing values.

Leave it to Clinton to define the Democrat mantra.  Still, he seemed half-hearted in his praise for Kerry.

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