Friday, July 16, 2004

"He May Be A Sonofabitch, But He's Our Sonofabitch" - (Attributed to Richard Nixon)

Given the fact that Allawi has been previously linked to such great things as car bombs and other tools used by terrorists, this story should come as no surprise. Considering his previously announced methods for dealing with the insurgency, this seems to be a more hands-on approach.

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Jeffrey Hill said...

So, an Iraqi with skeletons in his closet; is that a novelty? After that litany of actions taken by the insurgents described in the piece about the spy agency, I’m not going to look too closely at how insurgents are dealt by the interim government. The question I would pose to you is this: do you think that the new Iraqi government should not have an intelligence agency to combat the insurgents? What’s the alternative?

Ten to one: we don’t allow Allawi to become a dictator.

BTW – Do you frequent Edgewise? That McClellan interchange was classic.