Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Regarding the Bush strategy for the war on terror:  I think these two maps make a statement.


Steve said...

Would that statement be rather inaccurate?

the y2k map shows Jordan as a country openly hostile to America. AFAIK... Jordan has always been a neutral country that has worked with American Interests. Yes, they had a trade relationship with Iraq, but they also had a peace treaty with Israel... hrmmm... so if we apply the six degrees of Osama Bin Laden, as the Bush Strategery on Terror seems to indicate "Those who support and/or aid Terrorists" blah blah - then Israel, by way of a treaty with Jordan, who have a trade agreement with Iraq Who are both listed as hostile to Murrika - is therfore a terrorist state.

Hard facts on JordanHmmm - it also shows Egypt as hostile.

If you people are going to continue to spout the necessity of the war - can't you at least get your history right? Actually - Ted Rall points out the underlying problem there.

Jeffrey Hill said...

The original
for the maps gives the criteria of "Red indicates those countries hostile towards the United States in word or in deed." I'm not sure of the reasons for Jordan being in red in 2000, but Egypt is appropriately colored on both maps.