Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Just Curious...

Since it seems to be getting shrill around these parts concerning Mythical WMDs, historical revisionism on elections (stolen or whatever) or when a world body criticizes the United States by voicing the opinions of the rest of the planet...
I would like to hear from our republican friends why it was so necessary to go after Hussein when we were after (and quite possibly close to capturing) Bin Laden? Erm... wouldn't it have been better to finish one job before starting on another? Maybe this has been addressed before... but I want to read it succinctly stated (hopefully minus a flow chart, diagrams and lots of quotes from other blogs/news services/ whatever)

Or better yet, how about taking a break from the armchair generalship (as I'm sure our republican friends are mighty military commanders in their wargames or wherever it is they work out these brilliant strategies) and please tell me how their candidate is going to help things back home.

Please explain to me how the economy has improved thanks to the tax cuts... or marked improvements that the "no child left behind" act has made in American education... or perhaps to keep a little bit closer to the flavor of the times of late - how the Patriot Act has kept America safe. To venture into the absurd - let's even look at what if's. Like the defense of marriage act... please explain to me how this would improve the lives of americans. Really, I want to know.

And now here's the tricky part.

Instead of just quoting from the blogosphere... how about telling me how such things have made you feel safer, or you child has been better educated, or your job position has been improved. Or your marriage is better off for nearly having been made a constitutionally protected instituion. How have the tax cut and that 300~600 dollars we got way back in the day has overall improved your life?

Seriously, I'd like to hear it. Granted, I may critique it, but for now, I just want to hear some of the positive things you feel that Bush has done here.

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