Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Second Night of the Convention

Another good convention night, speech-wise. If anyone thought that Arnold regretted his girlie man remark in California, well they now know different. The speech was simple, but effective. I particularly liked the parts about growing up in Austria and his immigrant story. Many have pointed out that this was the first convention to positively invoke the name of Nixon.

And what can you say about the Bush girls? Ouch. Lileks made a good observation:

"Next, the Twins. Painful. Turn-the-channel-painful. They have to stop dragging the kids out in these events before a candidate has a pregnant wife and the fetus has to appear via sonogram. Look! It’s giving us the thumbs up!"

But the hamster joke was funny. I’ll give Clinton credit on this score, after 8 years in office, I don’t think I heard his daughter give one speech.

Laura Bush didn’t say too much that was surprising. Her job was to simply be a classy lady. However, it was notable that despite the compassionate conservative theme, the war was once again front and center, even in her speech. I guess that pitch is the center poll in their big tent.

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