Monday, September 06, 2004

The Kerry Dilemma – To Fight or Not to Fight

From Newseek: “John Kerry wanted to hit back. It had been a miserable August as he took incoming fire about his military service from a gang of hostile Vietnam vets. But no, campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill and other staffers argued, the Swift Boat ads would blow over.”

James Carville says: Every attack must be responded to. (attributed by me)

From the NYT: “In an expansive conversation, Mr. Clinton, who is awaiting heart surgery, told Mr. Kerry that he should move away from talking about Vietnam”

Whew! Thank God this fellow isn’t making decisions for a country during a time of change. His indecisiveness has turned his very campaign into a quagmire. We need a Fortinbras more than we need a Hamlet.

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