Sunday, September 12, 2004

Never let 'em see you duped

The blogosphere swats three with one blow:

I know you are all probably weary of memos after the weekend's onslaught. But it would be remiss of me to not blog on what I’ve spent much of the weekend looking at. A few points:

First, Dan Rather decided to defend his story based on newly uncovered and questionable memos. I doubt the blogosphere will be content with his defense. No matter, this won't sink that stubborn ol' cuss.

Second, Terry McCauliffe, who has used multiple and inconsistent stratagems to defend Kerry's Cambodia claims ranging from backing Kerry’s claims to knowledge of any claims…IN THE SAME DAY!!! (see Hugh Hewitt- scroll to the bottom). His bottom line on Kerry’s service is that it doesn’t matter what happened three decades ago. But he wasted no time in asking where Bush was during the time and musing that perhaps the fake memos were a Karl Rove plant. Cute. To the DNC Karl Rove is the Evil Genius that is responsible for all of the Democrats’ woes. As for Vietnam relevancy: Kerry has built his tour of duty as his primary credential for the presidency, Bush has not.

Third, Kerry campaign attack poodle, John Edwards, called on Bush to explain the memos. Thus drawing the campaign into the mud. Bush’s National Guard duty is a legitimate target for questioning and I’m glad that Kerry is going after it. Full speed ahead!

A brief summary of the chatter:

Little Green Footballs and Powerline seem to have took the lead on the memos. Scroll around, there’s plenty.

Hugh Hewitt has some good round-ups.

Stephen Hayes, a good investigative journalist.

Byron York defends Bush’s service here and elsewhere.

Instapundit has this interesting comparison.

Media Matters provides the most comprehensive defense for CBS regarding the superscript and font type, etc.

Interesting that Media Matters hyperlinks Talking Points here, but scroll up and you’ll see that Talking Points backs off its defense.

And there’s Atrios.

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