Monday, June 19, 2006

Finkpoodle has returned

We found him trapped somewhere in the last 500 years - his snuff box was empty and, quite frankly, he looked a little scared. The smell was quite bad. He's returned to fulfilling his obligation for Liverputty, but we're not entirely sure when he might be able to assist others with their issues. As always, if you have questions for Finknottle, email them to me. Eventually, he'll get to it, though at this rate, perhaps for the enjoyment of your grandchildren.


Sassy Wench said...

Oh you smarty pants editors are just jealous of my beloved Finkie. Besides, I just couldn't bear to have him away from me for so long and just had to kidnap him for a bit to partake of his many talents (of which writing is the least, I must say). Anyway, he's yours again. At least for now. Until I can stand the loneliness no longer and come steal him away again...

Desperately Humping said...

Hey Finkpoodle -

I was watching some humpback whales off the Hawaiian islands the other day and it looked like the markings on one of their tails said, "Bite Me". Do you think this was a hallucination or did I somehow unknowingly piss off a humpback? What should I do? (and please, please let me cost me less than $237 - that's all I have in the world)
Desperately Humping