Sunday, June 25, 2006

Frederic Remington: pencil, pen & ink artist extraordinaire

Take a gander at the gander pull. Remington knows how to show men out west at play. This drawing could almost fit right in to John Ford's cavalry trilogy - the camaraderie and spirit are there, just change the hills in the background to plateaus and you're in business.

The Gander Pull (1888?)

And just check out the skill!

Remington knows how to frame a picture and has a great sense of depth - much like John Ford. Plus, he can create dust out of pen and ink:

In the Desert (1888)

A Troop Picket Line (1901)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jeffrey, Remington is a great one, and one of the few that a kid growing up in Oklahoma City could actually see in person(in painting?) at the Cowboy Hall of Fame...otherwise a somewhat lamentable exercise in Tackitude.

Why not show some of the watercolours of my favorite ´Merkin...Winslow Homer. Truly great stuff.


Wagstaff said...

I want to see the one where they're riding "roman style."

Jeffrey said...

Rob- Winslow Homer is awesome, too. Per your suggestion, I'll plan on following Remington with him.