Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You just quit thinkin', Butch, that's not what your good at!

Butch Cassidy - self whacker?

A new play is saying that Butch and Sundance did not go out in a blaze of glory ala the 1969 classic, but rather, killed themselves while surrounded by Bolivian cops and armed townspeople:

"God is witness that we did what was possible to find a new life," says Sundance. "Butch. I'm hurting. It's bad. Butch. Help me please," he says.

"I will help you," says Cassidy, picking up his gun and holding it to Sundance's forehead. "God bless you, kid."

He shoots his partner and anxiously cries, "It's too late." Cassidy then shoots himself through the forehead.

Presumably, that would mean Butch didn’t live out his years up in the Pacific Northwest.

I assume that if the movie was made in the 70s, this would have been the ending.

(cat-Butch and cat-kid picture from here)

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